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DivX Codec and DivX Player

DivX codec is currently the most popular MPEG-4 based codec because of its quality, speed and efficiency as well as the wide range of DVD players that support DivX. If you compare DivX movies to DVDs they're able to offer the same image quality at one-tenth (1/10) the size, which makes them perfectly suited for movie downloads where the bandwidth available usually is limited. This means that you can easily fit a full movie on a single CD, while still maintaining the original image quality of the DVD. The video is usually combined with AC3 or MP3 audio to provide both high quality audio and video.

Great News: Without installing DivX codec, you can rip DVD to DivX directly using DVD Ripper Platinum.

DivX Codec

Add DivX playback to existing media players;
Get the best performance on the latest processors.

DivX codec 6.2.0 for Windows 2000/XP
DivX codec 5.2.1 for Windows 98/Me
DivX codec 6.0.0 for Mac OS X

DivX Play Bundle includes the DivX Player and DivX codec 6.2. Both are free and no adware is included in the package. The DivX Player plays all .AVI and .divx files that contain DivX video and MP3 audio (including DivX 3, 4, 5 and 6 video formats), and enables access to rented and purchased DivX movies. The DivX codec extends DivX playback support to all popular media players. This package supports English, French, German and Japanese languages.

DivX Player is optimized to play every DivX file with full support for all the advanced features of DivX including scene selection menus, chapters, subtitles, video tags and alternate audio tracks. The latest version of the DivX Player adds a download manager that allows you to download multiple videos, pause and resume downloads, and progressively play back video, a media manager, and a new burn-to-disc feature for creating DivX discs from within the player.

DivX Play Bundle Free Download

DivX Player

Play every DivX file ever created (just not all at once);
Download, manage your DivX videos;
Enjoy DivX HD videos and interactive DivX media files.

When you've completed the installation of the DivX codec, you will be able to watch DivX videos (DIVX, DIV3, DIV4, DX50) with Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic or any other player that supports DivX.

See also Xvid codec

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