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DVD to PSP Ripping Faqs

Xilisoft DVD to PSP Suite consists of Xilisoft DVD to PSP Converter and Xilisoft PSP Video Converter. The suite can rip DVD, AVI, MPEG, WMV, RM, MOV, DivX, Xvid, 3GP, WMA, WAV, OGG to PSP MP4 video and MP3 audio files. It provides you stunning sound and image qualities in a few clicks. Easily and quickly!

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1: I have succeeded converting my video files into PSP format. There are two files, which one should I import into PSP, or both of them?
A: You should import both of them into PSP. The MP4 file is the main video file for PSP playback, while another PHM file is a still frame of the video. You can easily distinguish your video among video files in PSP with PHM file.

2 : How can I import those files into PSP then?
A: First of all, get your PSP connected with PC, and then copy those two files into "H:\MP_ROOT\100MNV01", where "H" is the drive letter of your PSP.

3: I have imported both files into PSP, but my PSP can not recognize my video files. Why?
A: You need rename your output files as PSP required. You should rename both of them into "M4Vxxxxx.MP4". There should be 5 random numbers following M4V. And the two files should keep same all the way. The extensions of the files (MP4) mustn't be changed. In addition, the letter "M" and "V" should be capital.

4: My PSP output file is out of sync. How can I correct it?
A: Please select another "Frame Rate" option on the right panel of the main interface for your conversion. There are two options in this drop-down list. The default one is 29.97. But if your original file is in low frame rate, it will be out of sync after the conversion. So please just select another option, 14.985, for your conversion. PSP can only accept these two settings, so please do not enter other numbers for this item.

5: Can I play the output PSP file on my PC? Which tool is required?

A: You can just play it with QuickTime, which can be freely downloaded from Internet.

6: Can I get-full screen playback on my PSP?
A: Of course you can. Please select "368x208" for "Video Size". There are there options for this item. The full-screen resolution for PSP is just "368x208". But if the resolution of your original file does not match with this setting, the video of output file will be a little distorted. So we recommend user to use the default one. PSP will not support other resolution settings, please do not enter other number for it.

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