How the Indica and Sativa Marijuana Are Different

In today world, you will find marijuana to be very popular and so many people are using it together with related products. The same marijuana can work in two different ways when you use it as two strains make it up and that is the sativa and indica. From this page, you will be able to understand clearly the differences that are seen in the sativa and indica strains of marijuana that are responsible for the differed functionality of marijuana.

You get to understand that the indica plant is different from the sativa one since here there are broad leaves and the plant tends to be shorter in height. The features mentioned above for the indica plant are as a result of the area that it originated from and in this case India. India is a Latin name for the small subcontinent, and because here is where the plant is mainly grown, it got the name indica.

On the other hand, you will discover that for the sativa plant, it goes high in height more than the indica one. The leaves of the sativa plant are also those that split a different case for the indica plants. The leaves are never thick, and also the spaces separating them are large. Normally, you will find that the sativa plants are very tall and cannot be compared to the indica ones. The main reason for this is that the plants are grown in areas that are around the equator like central America.

Variances between the indica and the sativa marijuana strains are prevalent when considering their THC and CBD content make up. While some fail to find it clear on the use of these strains, it’s really that their compositions are unique. The application of marijuana as a medicine is attributed to its CBD concentration while the THC makeup influences psycho activeness to those who use the strains. For the sativa strains, the composition of THC is higher than that of CBD, and vice versa is the case in the indica marijuana strain.

Fourth, there are differences in the effects that result when using either of the strains even if some perceive that they are the same. Some of the effects which are attributed to the application of the indica marijuana strain includes relaxation, drowsiness, a joyful feeling, and high appetite levels. Night times are the best for the application of the indica marijuana strain, and this advice is attributed to its influences when used. The sativa strain is applicable during the day since it induces activeness and creativity among the users hence a solution to curb depression. The sativa strain is also used as a painkiller. It is, however, important to note that it’s possible to create hybrids of the sativa and the indica strain hence achieve shared effects.